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  • After three days, Skype’s outage is resolved
     After three days of connectivity issues which prevented some Skype users from being able to log in, make calls, or send and receive messages, the company says it has now fully resolved the problem. What it isn’t saying – at least not yet – is what exactly happened. Microsoft’s decision to stay silent on an incident of this length and scale – the outage impacted…… ... read more
    Source: TechCrunchPublished on 2017-06-22By Sarah Perez
  • Gain complete insights with the Visio visualizations in Power BI Preview
    Starting today, you can visualize data using Microsoft Visio diagrams from within Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports. Microsoft solutions work better together—and now, Visio and Power BI work better together than ever before thanks to the new Visio visualization. Any Visio user can sign up for the preview to start using this capability right away. Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools… ... read more
    Source: Office TeamPublished on 2017-06-22By Visio Team
  • New in Office 365 security and compliance—June update
    Recent updates for security and compliance include enhancements to Advanced Threat Protection, eDiscovery, Advanced Data Governance, Advanced Security Management and expanded support for Windows Information Protection. Read on to learn more about these updates. Enhancements to threat protection visibility and controls Office 365 Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) were designed to keep your organization protected against cyber-attacks while supporting end-user productivity.… ... read more
    Source: Office TeamPublished on 2017-06-22By Office 365 Team
  • Building global relationships with Office 365
    Travel is the great connector. Visiting different countries gives us a broader perspective on the world and the people in it. Yasmine El Baggari, founder of Voyaj, wanted to take travel one step further. Instead of staying in hotels or renting flats, Yasmine believes that matching travelers with hosts in their own homes can create powerful human connections and result in a more peaceful… ... read more
    Source: Office TeamPublished on 2017-06-22By Office 365 Team
  • Gallup fosters employee engagement with Secure Productive Enterprise E5
    Today’s post was written by Ron Markezich, corporate vice president for Microsoft. Gallup has been synonymous with public opinion polling since the 1930s. Today it’s also considered a global leader in advanced analytics, providing advice to organizations and individuals to help solve challenging problems. When Gallup pioneered the employee engagement movement, it introduced innovative tools for measuring how workplaces inspire the people in… ... read more
    Source: Office TeamPublished on 2017-06-22By Ron Markezich
  • Recap: Collab365 Live Show #9 “Should I Build or Buy My Next Intranet?”
    In this Collab365 live show, host Nick Brattoli was joined by SharePoint experts Sam Marshall, Paul Gallagher, and Matthew Bailey to discuss building your own intranet solution versus buying an “intranet-in-a-box” solution. Sam defined “intranet-in-a-box” as a set of code libraries that can be installed quickly and are immediately ready-to-go. These solutions have standardized requirements and […] ... read more
    Source: Interactive Business SystemsPublished on 2017-06-22By Arturo
  • Java: Manage Azure Container Service, Cosmos DB, Active Directory Graph and more
    We released 1.1 of the Azure Management Libraries for Java. This release adds support for: Cosmos DB Azure Container Service and Registry Active Directory Graph Getting started Add the following dependency fragment to your Maven POM file to use 1.1 version of the libraries:<dependency> <groupId></groupId> <artifactId>azure</artifactId> <version>1.1.0</version> </dependency> Create a Cosmos DB with DocumentDB API You can create a Cosmos DB account by using… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-22By Asir Selvasingh
  • Building an Azure Analysis Services Model for Azure Blobs — Part 3
    The third and final part of the article series “Building an Azure Analysis Services Model on Top of Azure Blob Storage” has been published on the Analysis Services team blog. It shows that an Azure Analysis Services S9 server can successfully ingest more than 1,000 source files in a 1-terabyte TPC-DS data set stored in Azure Blob Storage in less than 12 hours. Among other… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-22By Kay Unkroth
  • Malware Filter Policy Updates in Office 365
    In March I wrote a blog post that showed how to take the attachment filter list from Edge Server and add those attachment block types to EOP, as EOP had a very small list of attachments. Today on one of my client tenants I noticed this precanned list of attachment extension types is now at 96 items, which is a considerable change from the list… ... read more
    Source: C7 SolutionsPublished on 2017-06-22By Brian Reid
  • Azure Media Services announces support for AAD and deprecation of ACS authentication
    This month we are announcing the release of support for Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication in Azure Media Services. Customers of our REST API and .NET client libraries can now use AAD authentication to authorize requests. In addition, we are releasing a new management blade in the Azure Portal to simplify the usage of User and Service Principal authentication with AAD. With the release of… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-22By John Deutscher
  • Office 365 Engage Live- Interview with Matthew McDermott
    Collab365 host Andy Talbot interviews Matthew McDermott, the founder and director of Aptillon, Inc and ten-time SharePoint Server MVP. Live from the Office 365 Engage Conference in Haarlem, NL. ““ (2) No ratings yet. Please rate this Presentation style


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