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  • Angular 2 CLI with Joseph Woodward
    Why would a client-side Javascript library have a command line interface? Carl and Richard talk to Joseph Woodward about the power of the Angular CLI. It's all about the scripting! Joseph talks about all those tedious tasks involved in getting an application set up when you're ready to push out to the world. Angular CLI is all about automating that process using NodeJS style modules.… ... read more
    Source: .Net RocksPublished on 2016-08-24By Carl Franklin
  • Making Innovation a Repeatable Process
    Every company talks about innovation, but how many put the infrastructure in place to make innovation a key aspect of their business? Innovation is not just an output – it is also a process that requires cultural and technological support to help you manage the complexity. Many organizations try to leverage industry standards (such as the IDEO and NABC models), but also want to… ... read more
    Source: Christian BuckleyPublished on 2016-08-24By Christian Buckley
  • A blog dedicated to visualizing SharePoint as a …
    A blog dedicated to visualizing SharePoint as a development platform. Pictures will include object model, architecture, and administrative diagrams. ... read more
    Source: MSDN – SharePointPublished on 2016-08-23
  • SharePoint as a Knowledge and Ideation Platform with Mike Oryszak
    In a recent webinar, I was joined by long-time community member Mike Oryszak (@next_connect) from B&R Business Solutions as we discussed the pros and cons of SharePoint as a knowledge management platform, and how idea management could be leveraged to bolster your KM efforts. Mike was a 5-time SharePoint MVP and is one of my earliest connections from the SharePoint community after I left Microsoft… ... read more
    Source: SharePoint-Community.NetPublished on 2016-08-23By Christian Buckley
  • Deploying SharePoint 2016
    I wrote a book! Vlad Catrinescu and I spent many months writing on deploying SharePoint 2016. It’s been an adventure, to say the least, hiding in my room writing on my laptop (when I could have been playing Guild Wars 2 instead). The process actually started at last year’s MVP Summit in November; Vlad asked me to be a technical reviewer, but offered the chance… ... read more
    Source: Trevor SewardPublished on 2016-08-23By Trevor Seward
  • Select Lenovo Android devices will ship with Office and Skype preloaded
     One user’s bloatware is another’s feature. And really, depending on where you fall on Microsoft productivity software, this could go either way, really. Lenovo announced today that it’ll be preloading the software giant’s offerings on future handsets – namely Office, Skype and OneDrive. No word on specific hardware, only that the deal includes… Read More ... read more
    Source: TechCrunchPublished on 2016-08-23By Brian Heater
  • Level Up with Blogging U.
    Thousands of bloggers have used Blogging U’s step-by-step email courses to get started, grow as writers, create beautiful websites, learn the ins and outs of, push their photography skills, and more. There are ten different courses currently available, for folks of all interests and skill levels. Click any course’s title to learn more about it and to get started! Blogging: Learning the Fundamentals — a solid… ... read more
    Source: Marc LognoulPublished on 2016-08-23By Michelle W.
  • Assurant: transforming a risk management solutions business with Office 365
    Today’s post about Office 365 was written by Robert Lewis, chief information officer at Assurant. From the outset, Assurant—a global provider of specialty risk management solutions—looked at Microsoft cloud technologies not so much as an IT upgrade, but as an integral component of a business transformation. We needed cloud-based business tools for employees across the United States and our international offices. With a new focus… ... read more
    Source: Office TeamPublished on 2016-08-23By Guest Author
  • Episode 143 | Office 365 in Education with Alex Pearce
    In this 143rd episode, AC sits down to talk with Microsoft MVP Alex Pearce of BFC Networks ( about the subject of Office 365 in the Education space. Alex works primarily with Office 365 for schools from elementary / primary all the way up to colleges & universities. In this discussion learn about the special licenses for educators and students alike as well as some… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Cloud ShowPublished on 2016-08-23By Andrew Connell
  • Document IDs
    I've activated the Document ID service. When I right-click a document and choose 'Get link' the link generated uses the document's unique ID. This means that if the document is moved or renamed, the link still works - great! However, there are two scenarious where the behavour is different:In Outlook, if I insert the same document by going to 'Attach File > Browse Web Locations > ...'… ... read more
    Source: SharePoint [O365 Network]Published on 2016-08-23By Leon Summerfield-Kehoe
  • How to be a Badass IT Ninja
    Go beyond basic IT control and troubleshooting with remote management For IT administrators, using tools for remote access, control, and support is not enough to diagnose critical issues — you need more power and greater control over diagnostics before even connecting to remote servers or computers. But when it comes to your tech ecosystem, it’s easy to become entrenched in vendor-specific tools… ... read more
    Source: GSXPublished on 2016-08-23
  • SharePoint Community Newsletter – Week 34
    Hello and Welcome to all you SharePoint Community people!! We have some fantastic blog posts from both the community and wider web this week. As always, we also have a few discussions that could really benefit from your expert input. HOW TO DISABLE DURABLE LINKS DURING DOCUMENT PREVIEW SPCom Rep (and Chat legend), Paul Choquette explains how to disable durable links when previewing a docuiment.… ... read more
    Source: SharePoint-Community.NetPublished on 2016-08-23By Fraser Beadle
  • Templates & themes for sharepoint online
    Hi I am currently looking for themes & templates to make a custom branding for one of my customers; he askeg for 2 different templates for simple extranet sites including team sites with doc & contacts lib in each site.I found out BindTuning & sharepointpackages.We mostly need to customize sharepoint 365 landing page, site collection navigation page, team site navigation in doclib and contatc list, &… ... read more
    Source: SharePoint [O365 Network]Published on 2016-08-23By Jean-Marc Touzard
  • Implementing Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solution
    Azure StorSimple is Microsoft’s hybrid cloud storage solution that leverages the cloud to solve one of the most pressing challenges of the enterprise customer: managing rapid data growth. In the last 12 months, rapid innovations like StorSimple Virtual Array (a software version of StorSimple solution) and Local Volumes (which allows storage administrators to decide which data needs to remain in the local tiers) have expanded… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2016-08-23By Rajeev Jain
  • Need to Know podcast–Episode 111
    In this episode we dive into the world of containers and Docker. We learn about what they are, why they are relevant to IT Pros and how Microsoft is providing more ways to utilise these technologies today. Our special guest subject matter expert is Trevor Sullivan who is a Microsoft MVP and able to explain to us why containers and Docker are so… ... read more
    Source: CIAOPSPublished on 2016-08-23By Robert Crane
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