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  • Following up the “Future of Office 365 and SharePoint” Panel Webinar Today
    Read this post in its entirety on my site: Following up the "Future of Office 365 and SharePoint" Panel Webinar TodayIf you are interested in signing up to my newsletter to get the most recent posts via email, either visit my site and signup using the widget in the bottom-right corner, or just head to this form and give me your email address.Did you know… ... read more
    Source: Andrew ConnellPublished on 2017-04-28
  • Azure Monitor Notifications
    Duke Kamstra joins Scott Hanselman to demo the new Azure Monitor Notification features. Duke shows how you can receive alerts via SMS, email, or a WebHook when Azure is experiencing an incident or when something is logged to your Activity Logs. ... read more
    Source: Azure FridayPublished on 2017-04-27By Scott Hanselman, Rob Caron
  • Microsoft meets expectations with $23.6B in revenue, Azure revenue up 93%
     Microsoft just reported earnings for the last quarter. The company reported non-GAAP revenue of $23.6 billion and non-GAAP earnings per share of $0.73. Wall Street’s cadre of crack analysts expected the company’s earnings per share to come in at around $0.70, with revenue hitting about $23.6 billion. In the year-ago quarter, Microsoft reported earnings per share of $0.62. Wall… Read More ... read more
    Source: TechCrunchPublished on 2017-04-27By Frederic Lardinois
  • Automatic iCal (.ics) hyperlinks for SharePoint calendar items using calculated column
    A zero-maintenance tool I find quite useful in a SharePoint calendar, particularly if your organization is not using Exchange for email, is to provide users a quick option to save something they see on a SharePoint calendar to their own calendar. Spend 5 minutes on these few instructions and your users can reap the benefits for years to come. Basically we’re going to add… ... read more
    Source: Nate ChamberlainPublished on 2017-04-27By sharepointlibrarian
  • SP Editor Chrome extension: free open source alternative to Sharepoint Designer
    Did you ever face with situation when you need to debug some javascript code on customer’s Sharepoint environment or change something in css stylesheets, but there is no Sharepoint Designer installed on server. Or when you need to make fixes on Sharepoint Online site, but don’t have Sharepoint Designer on your PC right now? What do we do in such situations: download files, make modifications, ... read more
    Source: Alexey SadomovPublished on 2017-04-27
  • As Chromebook sales soar in schools, Apple and Microsoft fight back
     Few saw the Chromebook coming. When it launched half a decade ago, the category was broadly maligned for its limited feature set, middling hardware specs and operation that required an always-on internet connection to work properly. But things change in five years. Read More ... read more
    Source: TechCrunchPublished on 2017-04-27By Brian Heater
  • Understanding the True Management Costs of Office 365
    In the latest edition of Redmond Channel Partner magazine (, a short article by Editor in Chief Scott Bekker caught my eye in which he shares some important data points from a recent report from Champion Solutions Group, who surveyed a small sample of Office 365 administrators to try and quantify the total cost of ownership (TCO) of managing Office 365. This topic goes back… ... read more
    Source: Christian BuckleyPublished on 2017-04-27By Christian Buckley
  • How To Clean Your Hard Drive and Free Space In Windows 10
    If you’re a heavy user of your computer and don’t reboot regularly, you’ve probably noticed your computer getting sluggish after a week. This article and video will show you how to clean your hard drive and free space two different ways in Windows 10. Disk Cleanup App The Disk Cleanup app, or utility, has been […] The post How To Clean Your Hard Drive and… ... read more
    Source: Lynn DyePublished on 2017-04-27By Lynn Dye
  • Office 365 Groups – Podcast Episode 2
    Want to dive into Office 365 Groups? In episode 2 of the Microsoft Cloud IP Pro Podcast, Scott and I dive into Office 365 to help bring some clarity. We talk about what Groups are, how they work and how you can provision them.  We also talk about things you as an Office 365 Admin should be aware of and integration with Yammer.  If there… ... read more
    Source: Ben SteginkPublished on 2017-04-27By Ben Stegink
  • Office 365 – Microsoft Teams – a look under the hood of the wiki pages
    On the Microsoft tech community site I found a post from Jan Hajek about the new wiki sites that are part of the new team sites. I always had the idea that the wiki pages were stored somewhere outside the scope of SharePoint. But I had been missing in my investigations before. The important step I had… Continue reading Office 365 – Microsoft Teams – a look… ... read more
    Source: Pieter VeenstraPublished on 2017-04-27By Pieter Veenstra
  • First Steps: Configuring Office 365 Groups Settings
    Groups are a collaboration feature of Office 365 that allow teams to work together using a shared mailbox, calendar, SharePoint file repository, and OneNote notebook. Office 365 Groups are also a membership service for other applications such as Planner, Teams, and StaffHub. Groups should not be confused with security groups (which control access/permissions to resources) or distribution groups (which are used to distribute email to multiple… ... read more
    Source: Practical365Published on 2017-04-27By Paul Cunningham
  • Azure Management Libraries for .NET generally available now
    Today, we are announcing the general availability of the new, simplified Azure management libraries for .NET for Compute, Storage, SQL Database, Networking, Resource Manager, Key Vault, Redis, CDN and Batch services.   Azure Management Libraries for .NET are open source – Service | Feature Generally available Available as preview Coming Soon Compute Virtual machines and VM extensions Virtual machine scale sets Managed disks… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-04-27By Asir Selvasingh
  • Azure IoT Gateway SDK packages now available
    Back in November, we announced the general availability of the Azure IoT Gateway SDK. We’ve already heard from a number of customers who are leveraging the open source Gateway SDK to connect their legacy devices or run analytics at the edge of their network. It’s great to see quick adoption! With the Gateway SDK’s modular architecture, developers can also program their own custom modules to… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-04-27By Mohammed Furqan
  • How to live without Windows Explorer in SharePoint Online
    If you have stumbled upon this post, you most likely have been utilizing Windows Explorer functionality in SharePoint to access and work with files and folders. Since the majority of organizations have been using SharePoint as a file share, the Open with Explorer button acted as a pacifier for those craving to work with SharePoint in a familiar fashion. But times have changed, and this feature is… ... read more
    Source: Gregory zelfondPublished on 2017-04-27By SharePoint Maven
  • DevOps Readiness Assessment with Jez Humble and Nicole Forsgren
    Where is your DevOps at? Carl and Richard talk to Jez Humble and Nicole Forsgren about DORA, that is the DevOps Readiness Assessment. DORA helps you understand where your organization is at in the spectrum of DevOps, from low to medium to high. The conversation digs into what it takes to improve operational capability, focusing on understanding exactly how your organization delivers software so you… ... read more
    Source: .Net RocksPublished on 2017-04-27By Carl Franklin
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