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  • SharePoint SP.UserProfiles.PeopleManager GetMyProperties Unknown Error
    Problem When attempting to query SharePoint User Profile using REST at _api/SP.UserProfiles.PeopleManager/GetMyProperties, you get error <m:error xmlns:m=""> <m:code>-1, Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.UnknownError</m:code> <m:message xml:lang="en-US">Unknown Error</m:message> </m:error> Solution Go to Central Admin –> User Profile Service Application –> Setup My Sites Fill in the MySite Host Location field. It will also work if you have centralized MySite host located on another farm. Done! ... read more
    Source: Jussi PaloPublished on 2016-08-30By Jussi Palo
  • Administrating multiple Office 365 environments – Best Practice
    I have just started to administrate my second Office 365 Tenent in addition to my own business. I have being strugling to deal with the login and authentication requirements because I keep finding I go from Logged into sharePoint on one ID to logged into the admin pannel as the other user ID.  Currently I use FireFox for one, and IE11 for another but this does… ... read more
    Source: O365 Admin Center [O365 Network]Published on 2016-08-30By anthony muscio
  • Cleaning up SharePoint Framework build folders
    When building SharePoint Framework Client Side Web Parts you might want to clean up the build folders. What is the best way to do it? Nuke it! There comes a time, when developing solutions, when you want to run a clean build - just to be sure that evrything is working as expected and that the code you're about to share with the rest of… ... read more
    Source: Waldek MastykarzPublished on 2016-08-30By Waldek Mastykarz
  • React for Windows with Matthew Podwysocki and Eric Rozell
    React comes to Windows! Carl and Richard talk to Matthew Podwysocki and Eric Rozell about using React for Windows to build native Windows applications while programming in JavaScript! Originally intended for mobile apps, React Native works equally well building Windows 10 apps that work on phone, tablet and desktop. The conversation also turns to the conjunction of all things react and reactive - why do… ... read more
    Source: .Net RocksPublished on 2016-08-30By Carl Franklin
  • Auditing Arrives in Preview to Power BI
    Microsoft today announced the addition of new auditing capabilities within Power BI.  The new features are only available in preview to United States customers for now. For regulated organizations, being able to audit and analyze who has viewed dashboards or reports is an important requirement.  The new auditing features record every user view, export or change to data within Power BI.  The auditing data… ... read more
    Source: Christopher WoodillPublished on 2016-08-29By cwoodill
  • Microsoft rolls out awaited battery fix for Surface Pro 3
    Microsoft is rolling out a promised software fix for Surface Pro 3 users running Windows 10 who've experienced battery-drain issues over the past several months. ... read more
    Source: ZDNet – About MicrosoftPublished on 2016-08-29
  • Power Apps – Power Videos Basic?
    In the Office 365 Admin portal licensing administration under Microsoft PowerApps and Logic flows, I see three sub-licenses: Microsoft Power Videos Basic, Logic Flows and Microsoft PowerApps.  I haven't been able to find a description of what the Power Videos Basic component provides.  Can anyone enlighten me? ... read more
    Source: O365 Admin Center [O365 Network]Published on 2016-08-29By Brady Turner
  • Aug 29, SharePoint online Training – Video 3
    SharePoint Training for beginners to learn about SharePoint online. ... read more
    Source: Devendra VelegandPublished on 2016-08-29
  • Aug 29, SharePoint online Training – Video 2
    SharePoint Training for beginners to learn about SharePoint online. ... read more
    Source: Devendra VelegandPublished on 2016-08-29
  • Discussing the New SharePoint Framework
    At the Future of SharePoint event in San Francisco in May, Microsoft announced a number of new features and capabilities expanding on the SharePoint platform. As part of their roadmap, they announced the SharePoint Framework, a new development model that "enables fully supported client-side development, easy integration with the Microsoft Graph and support for open source tooling." Microsoft has been "dog-fooding" the framework with the… ... read more
    Source: Christian BuckleyPublished on 2016-08-29By Christian Buckley
  • Tenant update that supports User Profile Batch Update API
    We are looking to use the User Profile Batch Update API on a Dedicated vNext tenant. It looks like this is only available on First Release MT tenants. Is there any timeframe for making this available to Dedicated vNext customers? ... read more
    Source: O365 Developer [O365 Network]Published on 2016-08-29By Kerry Williams
  • How To Use IT To Your Advantage
    Creating a technologically competitive business will give you an advantage over your competition that are lagging behind in IT. While growth in IT is constant and rapid there’s always a chance for your business to update and upgrade. The most dramatic benefits IT can have to your business are as follows. You’re able to use digital marketing to compete with larger companies in the advertising sector… ... read more
    Source: DevSoft SolutionsPublished on 2016-08-29By Brad Shannon
  • [ #Office365 #SharePoint ] The new landscape!
    Here is my view of the new Office 365 and SharePoint landscape. Any comments on this? ... read more
    Source: O365 [O365 Network]Published on 2016-08-29By Patrick Guimonet
  • Introducing: Data for Breakfast!
      The Data Team at Automattic is pleased to announce a new blog for everyone who loves data! Data for Breakfast will feature posts about our data stack, trends in usage, and whatever currently tickles our data fancy. We’re data scientists and engineers with a passion for our craft, and we’re starting this blog to share that passion with you! In addition to… ... read more
    Source: Marc LognoulPublished on 2016-08-29By Carly Stambaugh
  • Working example of MassTransit 3 request/response conversation
    Chapter 3.5 of the MassTransit documentation contains a non-complete example of a request/response conversation using MassTransit. After some fiddling I got an example working using an in-memory MassTransit queue with multple request types. See the code below, implemented as an xunit test. ... read more
    Source: Serge van den OeverPublished on 2016-08-29
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