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  • Better SharePoint Framework Code with SPRemoteAPI 1.5 VSCode Extension
    Technorati Tags: ,,, I have been working with the new SharePoint Framework for the last month. This is the new Microsoft framework for SharePoint developers which makes it incredibly easily create web parts and web page applications using Typescript and other web technologies. I highly recommend switching to VSCode from Visual Studio when using this framework since it has greater flexibility for working with… ... read more
    Source: Steve CurranPublished on 2016-09-24By Steve Curran
  • Paul Stubbs – Most of my friends are bots
    The SharePoint and Azure Development Kit is a training course to help you learn different ways to integrate SharePoint and Windows Azure. ... read more
    Source: MSDN – SharePointPublished on 2016-09-24
  • Community Insights on Microsoft Ignite 2016
    There is a global migration to Atlanta underway, with Microsoft’s largest annual event – Ignite – set to officially begin on Monday. Most of my team, from various points around the globe, are already on the ground, and a couple more of us landing this weekend. Personally, I’ll be there mid-day Sunday, where a list of tasks awaits in prep for Day 1 of the… ... read more
    Source: Christian BuckleyPublished on 2016-09-24By Christian Buckley
  • Answering common questions with Office 365 Part 3
    This is the third article in a series of typical customers questions around Office 365. These questions were part of presentation I did with two other resellers at the Australian Microsoft Partner Conference in 2016. You’ll find the first part of the series here: Answering common questions with Office 365 Part 1 Answering common questions with Office 365 Part 2 The question for this… ... read more
    Source: CIAOPSPublished on 2016-09-24By Robert Crane
  • Microsoft drops Windows Phone version of its HealthVault app
    Microsoft is dropping the existing Windows Phone version of its HealthVault app. What does this mean to the future of HealthVault and Microsoft's Health services? Likely, not much. ... read more
    Source: ZDNet – About MicrosoftPublished on 2016-09-23
  • Color Codes in SharePoint SPColor Files MUST Be All Caps
    With the new world of branding a tenant on Office 365, styling the suite bar and using a theme (aka Composed Look) can take you pretty far toward improving the user experience. A Composed Look is made up of (potentially): A master page – generally either Seattle or Oslo Theme URL – the spcolor file to use for common classes in a SharePoint page Image URL… ... read more
    Source: Marc D AndersonPublished on 2016-09-23By Marc D Anderson
  • Episode 214: Hockey App and Azure App Insights with Evgeny Ternovsky and Josh Weber
    In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Evgeny Ternovsky and Joshua Weber, Program Managers on the HockeyApp and Application Insights teams.  Joshua starts by going over the basics of HockeyApp and the features it provides including: beta app distribution, crash reporting, user feedback, user tracking, and application metrics.  With the quick addition of a client side SDK, you're able to start gathering metrics on… ... read more
    Source: Cloud CoverPublished on 2016-09-23By Haishi Bai, Chris Risner
  • Mark your calendars – SharePoint Saturday Ottawa 2016 on Dec 3rd, 2016
    Body: Please join us for another great SharePoint Saturday Ottawa on Dec 3rd, 2016.  It is sure to be a fun filled, informative and educational day focused around Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint technologies.  There will be some great speakers, sponsors and of course prizes as well.Register now to secure your spot. SharePoint Saturday Ottawa 2016 Events Web Site Category: Events; Office 365; SharePoint Published:… ... read more
    Source: Rez KhamisPublished on 2016-09-23
  • Microsoft’s Bing mobile apps get support for Google’s AMP
     Bing, the search engine Microsoft pays you to use, is jumping on the AMP bandwagon. The open source AMP format is essentially Google’s version of Facebook’s Instant Articles and its stripped down format, which in some ways goes back to the early days of the web, ensures that mobile pages load extremely fast. Just like Google now highlights a variety of AMP pages in its mobile… Read… ... read more
    Source: TechCrunchPublished on 2016-09-23By Frederic Lardinois
  • Microsoft said to be readying its Slack competitor for a November beta test
    Microsoft's coming Skype Teams service may be available for beta testing by November. Meanwhile, LinkedIn and Microsoft are partnering on new training courses. ... read more
    Source: ZDNet – About MicrosoftPublished on 2016-09-23
  • Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Verizon are all eyeing up a Twitter bid
     Twitter continues to inch its way to a sale process, and the latest developments come in the form of alleged bids from potential buyers. Today CNBC is reporting, and we have also independently heard, that both Google and Salesforce are interested in buying the company. We have additionally heard that Microsoft and Verizon have also been knocking, although right now Verizon (which also… Read More ... read more
    Source: TechCrunchPublished on 2016-09-23By Ingrid Lunden,Ron Miller
  • SharePoint Saturday Warsaw 2016
    On September 17th the first SharePoint Saturday event  ever to be organized in Poland took place in Warsaw. About 200 people turned in to see sessions by Polish and European experts and to take part in workshops on SharePoint and Office 365. Some of the invited guests were: Gokan Ozcifci MVP from Belgium, Gilles Pommier MVP from France, and Thorbjorn Vaerp MCT from Norway. Share… ... read more
    Source: maciej jozefowiczPublished on 2016-09-23By Maciej Józefowicz
  • Capax Zantas EAS EWS 501 Errors
    Whilst load balancing Exchange 2013 with a Capax Zantas EAS deployment in place I was reminded of an issue I experienced a few years ago with a Kemp load balancer. The EAS app for OWA was failing with various errors such as: Communication with service failed. The service might be down or misconfigured. Error code: 500 As well as the search functionality never returning… ... read more
    Source: C7 SolutionsPublished on 2016-09-23By Brian Reid
  • “Conference season” is about to start!
    Every year in September, right after the summer holidays, there is an unofficial start of a new “work season”. For some this unofficial start moment comes a bit earlier, for others a bit later. Some even say their work season lasts the entire year… But that’s besides the point. The fall traditionally also heralds a myriad of tech conferences, each fighting for a moment in the… ... read more
    Source: Michael Van HybridPublished on 2016-09-23By Michael Van Horenbeeck
  • Mark Arend | SharePoint 2010 Explorations
    I recently came across a very good blog posting on Host Named Site Collections (HNSC), and I recommend it: What Every SharePoint Admin Needs to Know about Host Named ... read more
    Source: MSDN – SharePointPublished on 2016-09-23
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