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  • Java: Manage Azure Container Service, Cosmos DB, Active Directory Graph and more
    We released 1.1 of the Azure Management Libraries for Java. This release adds support for: Cosmos DB Azure Container Service and Registry Active Directory Graph Getting started Add the following dependency fragment to your Maven POM file to use 1.1 version of the libraries:<dependency> <groupId></groupId> <artifactId>azure</artifactId> <version>1.1.0</version> </dependency> Create a Cosmos DB with DocumentDB API You can create a Cosmos DB account by using… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-22By Asir Selvasingh
  • Building an Azure Analysis Services Model for Azure Blobs — Part 3
    The third and final part of the article series “Building an Azure Analysis Services Model on Top of Azure Blob Storage” has been published on the Analysis Services team blog. It shows that an Azure Analysis Services S9 server can successfully ingest more than 1,000 source files in a 1-terabyte TPC-DS data set stored in Azure Blob Storage in less than 12 hours. Among other… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-22By Kay Unkroth
  • Azure Media Services announces support for AAD and deprecation of ACS authentication
    This month we are announcing the release of support for Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication in Azure Media Services. Customers of our REST API and .NET client libraries can now use AAD authentication to authorize requests. In addition, we are releasing a new management blade in the Azure Portal to simplify the usage of User and Service Principal authentication with AAD. With the release of… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-22By John Deutscher
  • Military Spaceplanes Geek Out
    What does the military want with a space plane? Time for a Geek Out! The conversation begins with that question - what space plane? Richard digs into the history of the space shuttle, which did have substantial funding from the US Air Force for specific military missions, none of which ever happened for a variety of reasons. And then off into the various projects to… ... read more
    Source: .Net RocksPublished on 2017-06-22By Carl Franklin
  • Solved: Surface Pro 3 USB Driver Issues with the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit
    I've got a personal Surface Pro 3 that I like very much. It's worked great for years and I haven't had any issues with it. However, yesterday while installing a 3rd party USB device something got goofed around with the drivers and I ended up in this state. That "banged out" device in my Device Manager is the root Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller… ... read more
    Source: Scott HanselmanPublished on 2017-06-21By Scott Hanselman
  • Data Lake 3.0: What’s a self-driving car got to do with Data Lake 3.0?
    This blog has contributions from: Vinod Vavilapalli, Wangda Tan, Gour  Saha, Priyanka Nagwekar, Sunil Govindan You have probably wondered what makes a self-driving car intelligent to process the live camera feeds, navigate the busy streets and distinguish objects on the streets, such as cars, trucks, traffic lights or pedestrians? A self-driving car is a perfect […] The post Data Lake 3.0: What’s a self-driving car… ... read more
    Source: HortonworksPublished on 2017-06-21By Saumitra Buragohain
  • ASOS: How they migrated from local monolith to microservices in Azure
    Today we are kicking of a new series on Microsoft Mechanics called "How we built it" to share the real-world architectural back stories and best practices as told by the technology architects in our customer organizations. We kick off the series with lead architect, Dave Green, from British online fashion retailer ASOS, to take a closer look at their design goals and approach for moving… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-21By Jeremy Chapman
  • Announcing Microsoft Azure Government services in the Cloud Solution Provider program
    We are excited to announce that Azure Government services are now available through the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP). The CSP program enables partners to make Microsoft Cloud services part of their customer offerings, expanding U.S. government customer options in meeting their mission goals. With the CSP program, partners can now create high-value service offerings that combine use of Azure Government with solution management, customer… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-21By Tom Keane
  • Deep learning for predictive maintenance with Long Short Term Memory Networks
    Deep learning has proven to show superior performance in certain areas such as object recognition and image classification. It has also gained popularity in other domains such as finance where time-series data plays an important role. Similarly, in predictive maintenance, the data is collected over time to monitor the state of an asset with the goal of finding patterns to predict failures which can benefit… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-21By Fidan Boylu Uz
  • Episode 200 | The Listener Show
    In this 200th milestone episode, AC & CJ look back at their favorite & memorable episodes over the last 3.5 years. They share some behind the scenes on recording the Microsoft Cloud Show. Finally, what everyone is waiting for - they share listener contributions and give away two XBOX One S bundles and one Surface Laptop!Notes:Episodes Called Out Episode 165 | Interview with Microsoft’s Scott… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Cloud ShowPublished on 2017-06-20By Andrew Connell, Chris Johnson
  • Predictive maintenance using PySpark
    Predictive maintenance is one of the most common machine learning use cases and with the latest advancements in information technology, the volume of stored data is growing faster in this domain than ever before which makes it necessary to leverage big data analytic capabilities to efficiently transform large amounts of data into business intelligence. Microsoft has published a series of learning materials including blogs, solution… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-20By Katherine Lin
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL team hosts Ask Me Anything session
    The Azure Database for PostgreSQL team will host a special Ask Me Anything session on /r/Azure, Thursday, June 22, 2017 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Pacific Time. What's an AMA session? We'll have folks from our Azure Database for PostgreSQL engineering team available to answer any questions you have. You can ask us anything about our product or even our team! Why are you… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-20By Shantanu Kurhekar
  • The Azure Portal Mobile App with Jakub Jedryszek and Michael Flanakin
    Want to manage your Azure apps on your smartphone? Carl and Richard talk to Jakub Jedryszek and Michael Flanakin about their work building the Azure Mobile Portal App. Not just a mobile version of the Azure Portal, the app is built with Xamarin Native for iOS and Android, and focuses on using the phone efficiently to let you do what you need to! The discussion… ... read more
    Source: .Net RocksPublished on 2017-06-20By Carl Franklin
  • Managing updates for your Azure VM
    In this blog post, I will talk about how to use Update Management solution to manage updates for your Azure VMs. Right from within your Azure VM you can quickly assess the status of available updates, initiate the process of installing required updates, and review deployment results to verify that updates were applied successfully to the VM. This feature is currently in private preview. If… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-19By Ravi Kiran
  • Enable client side monitoring in Azure with Application Insights
    With the Application Insights JavaScript SDK you can collect and investigate the performance and usage of your web page or app. Historically we have offered onboarding through manually adding a script to your application and redeploying. Manually adding the script is still supported, but recently we have added the ability to add client-side monitoring from the Azure portal in a few clicks as well. Enablement… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-06-19By Beckylin Orooji
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