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  • Test of my Havana setup
    This is a simple test post to see how well my planned tech setup works. I’m typing this on a Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard, with my phone in a Stump stand. Wifi and cellular data are turned off. Here’s an embedded picture: Why am I doing this? Well, Cuba doesn’t have much of an Internet infrastructure, both by design and by lack of investment.… ... read more
    Source: Paul RobichauxPublished on 2017-02-18By robichaux
  • Azure MFA: Twice MFA for MAC Users
    We have deployed the Microsoft Azure MFA in the customer infrastructure. Everything was working fine. MAC users reported Twice MFA. Let us see how did we fix it. Azure MFA is working as expected. Users will accept and will agree to follow all the steps if it is a security requirement. At the same time, […] ... read more
    Source: Exchange GurusPublished on 2017-02-16By Prabhat Nigam
  • Azure MFA Failed: NPS Database Corruption
    Today we encounter an interesting and weird issue where Azure MFA was not working as expected. Let us see what happened here. This kind of issue hard to fix because mostly RDWeb and MFA are handled by the different team and this kind of issue always required coordination between 2 teams. I configured my customers MFA […] ... read more
    Source: Exchange GurusPublished on 2017-02-16By Prabhat Nigam
  • Delete emails using retention policy in Exchange server
    Let’s look at how to create a retention policy to delete emails that are more than 365 days for all the users. Please note that this is NOT a standard request and take caution before proceeding. My customer had a unique requirement of knowing the amount of emails that would be deleted in each inbox […] ... read more
    Source: Exchange GurusPublished on 2017-02-14By Ratish Nair
  • Windows Azure: How to make VM communicate to the DNS server or DC on Windows Azure
    Now following the last blog on How to build a virtual machine on Azure we are not going to see how to make the VMs communicate to the DNS DC servers in the azure. Once we promote the VM to be a DCDNS server we need all the machine that we create should connect to that […] ... read more
    Source: Exchange GurusPublished on 2017-02-14By Ratish Nair
  • Office 365 Exposed, episode 7
    In this episode, Tony and I welcome special guest and Office 365 MVP Alan Byrne, who comes off the top rope on Microsoft and their Office 365 reporting APIs. We discuss something Citibank has that you don’t, wonder where some promised Office 365 features have gone, and tell bad jokes. Actually, I don’t think there are any jokes in this episode at all– probably worth… ... read more
    Source: Paul RobichauxPublished on 2017-02-10By robichaux
  • Exchange 2016: Error 1603 has no Resolution
    In June 2016 I go the following error in upgrading my Exchange 2016 RTM to CU1 and CU2. I got 1603 with CU2 as well. So, we stopped there and didn’t post any blog on upgrading Exchange 2016 CUs because of this error. When we reported this error to Microsoft, Microsoft team suggested to open […] ... read more
    Source: Exchange GurusPublished on 2017-02-10By Prabhat Nigam
  • Focused Inbox in Office 365: making mail harder
    About two and a half years ago, Microsoft rolled out a new mail-sorting feature called Clutter. It was intended to use machine learning to filter important mail from newsletters, shipping notifications, and other… well, clutter, leaving your inbox filled only with mail that required your attention. It was a great idea, and, although it had a few bumps in its implementation, soon evolved into a useful… ... read more
    Source: Paul RobichauxPublished on 2017-02-07By robichaux
  • Exchange Management Console error: The attempt to connect to PowerShell using ‘Kerberos’ authentication failed
    Admin tried to install EMC and EMS on the exchange server after installing SQL. Firstly, it’s always recommended not to have any other application other than exchange if it is a dedicated exchange box In this case, they had an SBS server and they attempted to install everything on the box for cost effective purpose […] ... read more
    Source: Exchange GurusPublished on 2017-02-06By Ratish Nair
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for RDS Portal Part2
    As explained in part 1, we need to use Web access proxy to use Multi-Factor Authentication for RDWeb. Now there are 2 kinds of browsers IE which have active X and non-IE browser which are without active X. There is an expected behavior difference in both browsers. In this blog, I will share the difference, […] ... read more
    Source: Exchange GurusPublished on 2017-02-03By Prabhat Nigam
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for RDS Portal Part1
    This is a 2 blogs series in which we are explaining how to secure RDWeb with “Azure Multi-Factor Authentication”. Previously we have explained how to install “Azure Multi-Factor Authentication” with ADFS in the following blogs: ADFS Blogs:   “Azure Multi-Factor Authentication” Blogs: We will not repeat the steps rather we would […] ... read more
    Source: Exchange GurusPublished on 2017-02-03By Prabhat Nigam
  • Azure MFA: OWA – Showing Blank Page
    We just implemented Claim based Exchange OWA and ECP MFA with the help of our blog here. Our customer is saying MFA prompt is not coming. Basically, ADFS web page is not coming. Did we just configure all OWA/ECP securing configuration for nothing? Answers is No, we did good. Let me know explain what is happening […] ... read more
    Source: Exchange GurusPublished on 2017-02-02By Prabhat Nigam
  • Microsoft releases new “Tenant Restriction” capability
    A few days ago, Microsoft announced the General Availability of the “Tenant Restriction” capability. Although I have not been able to play with it so far, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the usefulness of the feature following a debate I had with a customer questioning me why they would be ... read more
    Source: Michael Van HybridPublished on 2017-02-02By Michael Van Horenbeeck
  • Introducing EXPTA Consulting!
    I'm super excited to announce that I've started a new IT consulting practice, EXPTA Consulting, LLC. With over 30 years' of experience and the highest certifications in the IT industry, count on EXPTA Consulting as your trusted advisor. We specialize in on-premises Exchange Server, Skype for Business, Office 365, and hybrid solutions that solve your business challenges. On-Premises Solutions We know that… ... read more
    Source: Jeff GuilletPublished on 2017-02-01By Jeff Guillet
  • Training Tuesday: What I learned from my gait analysis
    Like most runners, I’ve gradually accumulated a catalog of minor aches and pains as I run. Distance, pace, and terrain all influence how you feel during and after a run, and so do accumulated injuries– once you sustain an injury, you’re generally going to be more susceptible to re-injuring the same part. One solution: quit running. HAHAHAHAHAHAH I know, right? Not gonna happen. Another solution:… ... read more
    Source: Paul RobichauxPublished on 2017-01-31By robichaux
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