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  • All you need to know about Hybrid Auditing in SharePoint 2016
    Summary: This blog post will show you how to configure Hybrid Auditing in SharePoint 2016. It will also point out some considerations when deploying this new feature. Microsoft released a new hybrid feature for SharePoint 2016: Hybrid Auditing. This feature will automatically upload your on-premises user activity logs to Office 365, so administrators can generate reports for users across SharePoint on-premises and Office 365. * Note:… ... read more
    Source: Nico MartensPublished on 2017-02-20By Nico
  • OneDrive for Business | erweitertes Dateimanagement | Verschieben
    Chris McNulty, Microsoft und ExMVP hat  in Microsoft Tech Community unter SharePoint weitere Details beschrieben beschrieben: Die von mir beschriebenen Änderungen wurde erweitert: Das Limit von 50 MB beim Kopieren wurde auf 500 MB angehoben Es kann jetzt auch innerhalb einer Bibliothek kopiert werden, dann wird eine Datei mit einer Nummer am Ende des Datei-Namens erzeugt. Diese Änderungen erfolgen zuerst im First Release… ... read more
    Source: Hans BrenderPublished on 2017-02-20By Hans Brender
  • OneDrive for Business | new Version 17.3.6798.0207
    Microsoft has pressed the button. Silently and secretly. I’ve been waiting two days, but until today Microsoft has not published a change log. I have received isolated messages after the update of Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC). After the update and the first start, the NGSC has crashed. For me the NGSC has automatically raised on three different devices to version 17.3.6798.0207 and I… ... read more
    Source: Hans BrenderPublished on 2017-02-17By Hans Brender
  • OneDrive for Business | neue Version 17.3.6798.0207
    Still und heimlich hat Microsoft auf den Knopf gedrückt. Ich habe jetzt zwei Tage gewartet, aber bis heute hat Microsoft kein Change-Log veröffentlicht. Ich habe vereinzelt  Meldungen erhalten, dass nach dem Update der Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC) gestartet und sich sofort verabschiedet hat. Bei mir hat sich der NGSC an drei verschiedenen Geräten automatisch auf die Version 17.3.6798.0207 angehoben und ich habe unter… ... read more
    Source: Hans BrenderPublished on 2017-02-17By Hans Brender
  • SharePoint: Batch update CSWP query using PowerShell
    Task Needed to update CSWP query on a lots of sites programmatically. URL of the content was changed so needed to change the Path rule in CSWP. Solution Script below recursively uses Office PnP PowerShell, so first install it using Install-Module SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline -AllowClobber Script goes through all subsites, publishing pages on the subsites, and web parts on the publishing pages and updates the path search… ... read more
    Source: Jussi PaloPublished on 2017-02-15By Jussi Palo
  • Speaking: Microservices architecture and Azure Service Fabric
    I will be speaking about this new hot trend topic, please see details below: When: February 22 - 2017. 6:30PM Where: Carrera 48 # 76DSur-52 Oficina 302, Software Estrategico, Sabaneta, Colombia What: Microservices Architecture and Azure Service Fabric. Topics: 1. Microservices Introduction, and differences with monolithic apps. Design Principles Demo Azure Service Fabric. ... read more
    Source: Luis ValenciaPublished on 2017-02-14By Luis Valencia - Office Services and Servers MVP
  • OneDrive | reduzierter Speicherplatz wegen Wegfall Bing-Bonus
    Die Zeiten von riesigem, unentgeltlichen OneDrive Speicher sind vorbei. Zumindest mit den unentgeltlichen. So wurde bei mir jetzt der 100 GB BING Bonus gestrichen. Was tun, wenn man mit seinem Speicher schon über kostenlosen 15 GB und dem möglichen Loyalitätsbonus von 10 GB ist? Bleibt nur das kostenpflichtige Upgrade: 50 GB für 2 € im Monat. Oder Office 365 Home (z.B.… ... read more
    Source: Hans BrenderPublished on 2017-02-13By Hans Brender
  • Azzure Munich Meetup – OneDrive Deep Dive
    Am 18.4.2017 ist es soweit. Dann bin ich dabei, auf dem Azure Munich Meetup in München. Wir sind zu Gast bei Microsoft.  Mein MVP Kollege Markus Klein wird uns etwas zu Azure Stack erzählen und von mir gibt es OneDrive Deep Dive Und manch einer wird sich fragen, was hat den OneDrive / OneDrive for Business mit Azure zu tun. Nun die… ... read more
    Source: Hans BrenderPublished on 2017-02-12By Hans Brender
  • Forgotten WFM Autogeneration Key? I got your back!
    You ever forget that stupid autogenerated certificate password to join a SharePoint Workflow Manager Farm? Did you ever inherit a SharePoint farm with no passwords and you need to leave and rejoin a wfm farm(happens alot). Or perhaps you want to scale out your WFM farm and do not have the password. I struggled with this one myself, and I am here to show you… ... read more
    Source: Fernando MeloPublished on 2017-02-09By undrdg
  • Slides and Video (Sharepoint Search Meetup)/Presentacion y Video(Busqueda en Sharepoint)
    Hoy 8 de Febrero de 2017 se llevo a cabo el Meetup de Sharepoint Search, una presentacion muy completa sobre la configuracion y desarrollo de todos los elementos de la busqueda en Sharepoint. Con conceptos desde nivel 100 hasta nivel 300 se tocaron todos los temas esenciales sobre el tema para Sharepoint OnPremises y que muchos de los desarrolladores no utilizan en sus proyectos. El… ... read more
    Source: Luis ValenciaPublished on 2017-02-09By Luis Valencia - Office Services and Servers MVP
  • Digital Workplace Blog Series: The Impact of Organic IT on Employee Productivity
    In our last blog “The Hidden Issue of Siloed Departments and Organic IT Chaos,” we discussed the impact of siloed departments that operated in isolation of each other at businesses. As the business grew, these siloed departments, such as HR and IT, added their own separate applications and systems. The result was a chaotic IT infrastructure, or what we call Organic IT.  Organic IT has… ... read more
    Source: SP MarketplacePublished on 2017-02-08
  • Ten years of intranets
    ClearBox is celebrating its 10th birthday, so we’re celebrating by looking back at how intranets have progressed since 2007. Intranets have become more capable and crucial to business, even though every year we see a squall of article proclaiming them ‘dead’.  Even while organisations develop and extend their digital workplace and explore other concepts, the growth of intranets continues to be healthy. This ‘Google… ... read more
    Source: Sam MarshallPublished on 2017-02-07By Wedge Black
  • HOW TO: Set the body and headers for the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) httpClient
    In my article How To: Run a Microsoft Flow from a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web part I set the headers and body when I called a Microsoft Flow with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) httpClient class. How To: Run a Microsoft Flow from a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web part In this post, I have simplified the code to succinctly demonstrate how to set the body… ... read more
    Source: Todd BaginskiPublished on 2017-02-06By Todd Baginski
  • Provisioning Sharepoint 2013 Search Farm via Powershell
    There are 3 ways to provision Sharepoint Search: Farm Configuration Wizard. After installing Sharepoint the wizard will start if you accept it, and there is no control over what this wizard does, all components will be installed on the same servers, and there is no option to control account names, pool account names, where are the components provisionined etc. Manage Service Applications on Central Admin… ... read more
    Source: Luis ValenciaPublished on 2017-02-05By Luis Valencia - Office Services and Servers MVP
  • New Meetup: February 8. Sharepoint 2013 Search Basics to Intermediate Skills
    On February 8, at 6:30PM, I will be hosting and presenting the meetup about Search in Sharepoint 2013, this meetup will cover the following: 1. Search Overview Arquitecture Content Processing Analytics and Recommendations Search concepts, crawling, managed properties, import and export 2. Configuration Topology Options Topology changes 3. Advanced Configuration Provisioning initial configuraiton Farm Configuration Wizard Search Service Application Powershell 4. Results Presentation Query Rules… ... read more
    Source: Luis ValenciaPublished on 2017-02-05By Luis Valencia - Office Services and Servers MVP
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