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  • have moved to RE:Office 365 (
    Thanks again to all the contributors at Thank you for allowing me to aggregate your blog posts into a site the helped readers find your thoughts with others. It was a convenient and effortless way for you to participate. This blog has been running since October 2013, when I was first awarded as and Office 365 MVP. I continue to be inspired by the… ... read more
    Source: Darrell WebsterPublished on 2017-02-20By Darrell
  • Podcast 327 – Daily Grind of the Common Man
    Body: Todd starts off this episode talking about a change in his career. After a good cry, he and Shane pick up the pieces and talk about a new webpart coming to SharePoint Online. Then Shane talks about some new security and BI functionality coming to Office 365. In bigger news, Todd and Shane announced their next online SharePoint Admin class. It's March 20th… ... read more
    Source: Todd KlindtPublished on 2017-02-20
  • Here’s what awaits you at the European Collaboration Summit 2017
    In may I will be organizing yet another European Collaboration Summit (formerly SPC Adriatics). It is a three-day community-driven conference in Zagreb with the most influential experts from all around the world to discuss the latest news regarding Microsoft technologies. Topics vary from novelties in Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Exchange, Skype, and Project. Here’s what it’s all about! The European Collaboration Summit 2017 is… ... read more
    Source: Toni FrankolaPublished on 2017-02-20By Toni Frankola
  • What’s Next for the SharePoint Framework?
    Read this post in its entirety on my site: What's Next for the SharePoint Framework?If you are interested in signing up to my newsletter to get the most recent posts via email, either visit my site and signup using the widget in the bottom-right corner, or just head to this form and give me your email address.Did you know I co-host a popular podcast, the… ... read more
    Source: Andrew ConnellPublished on 2017-02-20
  • OneDrive for Business | erweitertes Dateimanagement | Verschieben
    Chris McNulty, Microsoft und ExMVP hat  in Microsoft Tech Community unter SharePoint weitere Details beschrieben beschrieben: Die von mir beschriebenen Änderungen wurde erweitert: Das Limit von 50 MB beim Kopieren wurde auf 500 MB angehoben Es kann jetzt auch innerhalb einer Bibliothek kopiert werden, dann wird eine Datei mit einer Nummer am Ende des Datei-Namens erzeugt. Diese Änderungen erfolgen zuerst im First Release… ... read more
    Source: Hans BrenderPublished on 2017-02-20By Hans Brender
  • Multiple File Deployment for SharePoint Add-In Development with SPFastDeploy 3.7
    Technorati Tags: ,,,,, The SPFastDeploy Visual Studio extension allows you to make changes to a single file in your Add-In solution. Just right click on the file and have the changes automatically deployed without having to re-deploy the whole application. You won’t lose all your previously loaded list data and you won’t have to add your client app part back to the web part page.… ... read more
    Source: Steve CurranPublished on 2017-02-20By Steve Curran
  • Test of my Havana setup
    This is a simple test post to see how well my planned tech setup works. I’m typing this on a Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard, with my phone in a Stump stand. Wifi and cellular data are turned off. Here’s an embedded picture: Why am I doing this? Well, Cuba doesn’t have much of an Internet infrastructure, both by design and by lack of investment.… ... read more
    Source: Paul RobichauxPublished on 2017-02-18By robichaux
  • Slides from Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2017
    A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking on the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC), the conference has now been arranged for the 6th time and has always been located in the center of Oslo, Norway. This year it was from Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd of February 2017, with approx 1400-1500 attendees. There was a alot of great sessions being presented by… ... read more
    Source: Peter SchmidtPublished on 2017-02-18By Peter Schmidt
  • Will Groups Impact Your Organization?
    Ever since Microsoft debuted their Office 365 Groups, focusing initially on the conversational capability within Outlook rather than the underlying architectural changes – which is what Groups is really all about – there have been questions from the community asking if and how Groups impacts how we manage the various workloads in Office 365. The concept of groups presents a new direction for the… ... read more
    Source: Christian BuckleyPublished on 2017-02-17By Christian Buckley
  • Online SharePoint 2013 & 2016 Class by Yours Truly (and Shane)
    Body: A rolling stone gathers no moss (see what I did there?) and I’m not letting myself get fat and lazy during my unemployed stretch. After drowning my sorrows in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, I put on my good sweatpants and went right back to work. Shane and I, after watching funny cat videos for a couple of hours, decided what… ... read more
    Source: Todd KlindtPublished on 2017-02-17
  • OneDrive for Business | new Version 17.3.6798.0207
    Microsoft has pressed the button. Silently and secretly. I’ve been waiting two days, but until today Microsoft has not published a change log. I have received isolated messages after the update of Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC). After the update and the first start, the NGSC has crashed. For me the NGSC has automatically raised on three different devices to version 17.3.6798.0207 and I… ... read more
    Source: Hans BrenderPublished on 2017-02-17By Hans Brender
  • OneDrive for Business | neue Version 17.3.6798.0207
    Still und heimlich hat Microsoft auf den Knopf gedrückt. Ich habe jetzt zwei Tage gewartet, aber bis heute hat Microsoft kein Change-Log veröffentlicht. Ich habe vereinzelt  Meldungen erhalten, dass nach dem Update der Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC) gestartet und sich sofort verabschiedet hat. Bei mir hat sich der NGSC an drei verschiedenen Geräten automatisch auf die Version 17.3.6798.0207 angehoben und ich habe unter… ... read more
    Source: Hans BrenderPublished on 2017-02-17By Hans Brender
  • Subscribe to the CollabTalk Newsletter
    Still working on the new website, which will provide a single location to aggregate all of the research projects and community activities that fall under the CollabTalk banner. As I was going through my buckleyPLANET newsletter db and cleaning out email that I know are no longer valid (its been a couple years since I sent out a buckleyPLANET newsletter) I quickly realized that I… ... read more
    Source: Christian BuckleyPublished on 2017-02-16By Christian Buckley
  • Rencore Tech Talks – Episode 002 – Sahil Malik on Cross Platform Development in the Enterprise
    I'm happy to announce the second episode of Rencore Tech Talks. In these shows I'll be touching base with industry experts, the broader community and various companies in the sector. Episode Guest, Sahil Malik Joining me in this episode is Sahil Malik, a Microsoft MVP, and founder and principal at Winsmarts. We're having a chat about cross platform development in the Enterprise. Some… ... read more
    Source: Tobias ZimmergrenPublished on 2017-02-16By Tobias Zimmergren
  • Azure MFA: Twice MFA for MAC Users
    We have deployed the Microsoft Azure MFA in the customer infrastructure. Everything was working fine. MAC users reported Twice MFA. Let us see how did we fix it. Azure MFA is working as expected. Users will accept and will agree to follow all the steps if it is a security requirement. At the same time, […] ... read more
    Source: Exchange GurusPublished on 2017-02-16By Prabhat Nigam
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