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  • Podcast 327 – Daily Grind of the Common Man
    Body: Todd starts off this episode talking about a change in his career. After a good cry, he and Shane pick up the pieces and talk about a new webpart coming to SharePoint Online. Then Shane talks about some new security and BI functionality coming to Office 365. In bigger news, Todd and Shane announced their next online SharePoint Admin class. It's March 20th… ... read more
    Source: Todd KlindtPublished on 2017-02-20
  • Microsoft’s next HoloLens device may not debut until 2019: Report
    Microsoft may be dropping its planned HoloLens version 2 augmented-reality glasses and instead focusing on delivering version 3 in 2019, according to a new report. ... read more
    Source: ZDNet – About MicrosoftPublished on 2017-02-20
  • Here’s what awaits you at the European Collaboration Summit 2017
    In may I will be organizing yet another European Collaboration Summit (formerly SPC Adriatics). It is a three-day community-driven conference in Zagreb with the most influential experts from all around the world to discuss the latest news regarding Microsoft technologies. Topics vary from novelties in Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Exchange, Skype, and Project. Here’s what it’s all about! The European Collaboration Summit 2017 is… ... read more
    Source: Toni FrankolaPublished on 2017-02-20By Toni Frankola
  • Creating New Service Application Proxy Groups and Associating Services and Sites
    Sometimes the need arises to create separate Service Application Proxy groups in SharePoint. Starting with SharePoint 2010, you’ve been able to do this. In SharePoint 2007, you would have created different Shared Service Providers. Your needs might be, that you are exposing web applications to a different group of users, and need separate applications such as Search and the User Profile Service. This also allows… ... read more
    Source: Geoff VaroskyPublished on 2017-02-20By Geoff Varosky
  • What’s Next for the SharePoint Framework?
    Read this post in its entirety on my site: What's Next for the SharePoint Framework?If you are interested in signing up to my newsletter to get the most recent posts via email, either visit my site and signup using the widget in the bottom-right corner, or just head to this form and give me your email address.Did you know I co-host a popular podcast, the… ... read more
    Source: Andrew ConnellPublished on 2017-02-20
  • Microsoft Teams – Disruption or Salvation for SharePoint?
    According to a recent study by Spiceworks, Microsoft Teams Will Help Microsoft Dominate Workplace Chat Space. Businesses are ready to adopt Microsoft Teams, and within two years it will overtake Slack an Google Hangouts and when combined with market leader Skype for Business, Microsoft will account for over 50% of the enterprise chat market. Microsoft Teams is taking many in the community by storm. People… ... read more
    Source: Fpweb.netPublished on 2017-02-20By Crew
  • Microsoft now has 34 Azure regions worldwide, with two Korean additions
    Microsoft is adding two new Azure regions in Korea, plus cementing an exclusive Azure customer win with India's Flipkart e-commerce marketplace. ... read more
    Source: ZDNet – About MicrosoftPublished on 2017-02-20
  • All you need to know about Hybrid Auditing in SharePoint 2016
    Summary: This blog post will show you how to configure Hybrid Auditing in SharePoint 2016. It will also point out some considerations when deploying this new feature. Microsoft released a new hybrid feature for SharePoint 2016: Hybrid Auditing. This feature will automatically upload your on-premises user activity logs to Office 365, so administrators can generate reports for users across SharePoint on-premises and Office 365. * Note:… ... read more
    Source: Nico MartensPublished on 2017-02-20By Nico
  • Extranet Authentication Options for SharePoint 2013
    Overview: Most large enterprises using SharePoint have implement Extranet solutions and these vary in complexity greatly.  Many implementation I have seen have morphed into bazaar solutions generally due to the tactical solutions implemented over time and were not caused by poor architecture.  It is the nature of these projects to get something out and with the rapid change in authentication over the past 5 years… ... read more
    Source: Paul BeckPublished on 2017-02-20
  • Best Practices: How to deploy Azure Site Recovery Mobility Service
    With large enterprises deploying Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as their trusted Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for application-aware DR, their DR architects have asked us about the best practices to be followed while deploying ASR in production environments. Given ASR’s multi-VM consistency promise to provide full application recovery on Microsoft Azure, the mobility service is a critical piece in the VMware to Azure scenario. In this… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-02-20By Anoop K. Vasudavan
  • OneDrive for Business | erweitertes Dateimanagement | Verschieben
    Chris McNulty, Microsoft und ExMVP hat  in Microsoft Tech Community unter SharePoint weitere Details beschrieben beschrieben: Die von mir beschriebenen Änderungen wurde erweitert: Das Limit von 50 MB beim Kopieren wurde auf 500 MB angehoben Es kann jetzt auch innerhalb einer Bibliothek kopiert werden, dann wird eine Datei mit einer Nummer am Ende des Datei-Namens erzeugt. Diese Änderungen erfolgen zuerst im First Release… ... read more
    Source: Hans BrenderPublished on 2017-02-20By Hans Brender
  • Backup Managed Disk VMs using Azure Backup
    Last week we announced the general availability of Managed Disks. Managed Disks are Azure Resource Manager (ARM) resources, that can be deployed via templates to create thousands of Managed Disks without worrying about creating storage accounts or specifying disk details. Backup of Managed disk VMs against accidental deletions and corruptions resulting from human errors is a critical capability for customers of all sizes. With Azure Backup… ... read more
    Source: Microsoft Azure BlogPublished on 2017-02-20By Vijay Tandra Sistla
  • Multiple File Deployment for SharePoint Add-In Development with SPFastDeploy 3.7
    Technorati Tags: ,,,,, The SPFastDeploy Visual Studio extension allows you to make changes to a single file in your Add-In solution. Just right click on the file and have the changes automatically deployed without having to re-deploy the whole application. You won’t lose all your previously loaded list data and you won’t have to add your client app part back to the web part page.… ... read more
    Source: Steve CurranPublished on 2017-02-20By Steve Curran
  • DOD Level 5 PA granted to Microsoft Azure and Office 365 – Microsoft Enterprise
    By Curt Kolcun, Vice President, U.S. Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation on January 13, 2017 Filed under Microsoft… ... read more
    Source: Jim EhrenbergPublished on 2017-02-19By jimehr
  • Test of my Havana setup
    This is a simple test post to see how well my planned tech setup works. I’m typing this on a Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard, with my phone in a Stump stand. Wifi and cellular data are turned off. Here’s an embedded picture: Why am I doing this? Well, Cuba doesn’t have much of an Internet infrastructure, both by design and by lack of investment.… ... read more
    Source: Paul RobichauxPublished on 2017-02-18By robichaux
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